302 films in competition

3 March 2017

The end result after the 1st of March midnight deadline surpassed our most optimistic expectations. The number of applications has already overstepped the magic one hundred two weeks ago, but in the last couple of days the process has wildly accelerated, so this number has trebled.

The overwhelming interest could be thanked not just the name of Vilmos Zsigmond, but to the fact, that there are very few festivals in the world focusing on the work of the cinematographer. At present there is only one competition of the kind in Europe, the Camerimage in Bydgoszcz, Poland.

Applications have arrived from many countries of five continents in all five announced categories: 16 feature films, 170 short films, 44 experimental films, 59 documentaries and 13 animation films. The more than 100 hours long artistic material will be preselected by the 5 members of the pre-jury, and the best films, the prize-winners selected by the Festival Jury, that also consists of 5 members.

The president of the Festival Jury is Gábor Szabó (HSC) Béla Balázs Prize-winning cinematographer, who shot Vilmos Zsigmond’s directorial debut. The main prize of the festival is the Vilmos Zsigmond Award for Best Cinematography, but there will be given out a Szeged City Award, a Film Critics’ Choice Award, voted by the critics’ jury lead by György Báron and an Audience Award reflecting the opinion of the movie-goer public.