Almost there

20 April 2017

There were more than 300 applications received from 5 continents of the world, from which the pre-jury selected 33 films all together to compete in five categories.

Besides the Hungarian and Central-European works of filmmakers there are few American, furthermore Australian, Indian, Scandinavian works of art also films from the Baltic Region to witness by the audience visiting the Belvárosi Cinema in Szeged.

The competition program is accompanied by events remembering the career of Vilmos Zsigmond. There is a round table discussion with Ferenc Rófusz among others organized by the Hungarian Hollywood Council. We will have an opportunity to watch two of the great cinematographer’s earlier masterpieces, The Sugarland Express and The River as well as two documentaries about Vilmos Zsigmond.

Next to Q&A sessions and meetings with filmmakers, there will be a discussion on the situation of the Hungarian film education, led by art critic Báron György. Nigel Walters cinematographer, the British member of the Festival Jury will talk about his profession as an open university program.

The list of competition and out of competition films can be found under the PROGRAM tag on the website.