An evening with Tibor Legát and Lou Reed

22 May 2019

29 May 22:30 Délvidék Ház

It is not a memory concert, not an homage and not only a production with Lou Reed’s translated works. Tibor Legát's Budapest Wild Side with its inspiration by Lou Reed gives a spirit, a feeling of life.

His evening rather can be considered for a theatrical performance, than for a rock event. Budapest Wild Side production consists of an electric guitar player Zoltán Dévényi, a piano player Papócsi László using sometimes a drum machine.

Tibor Legát is one of the most spirited songwriters and most charismatic frontmen in the Hungarian rock music over the last three decades.

He has not only translated songs of Lou Reed but also has transfered stories and characters to Budapest. Without knowing heroes from the '50s and '60s we barely have a chance to understand the essential part of the production. However, when it comes to today's Budapest and Hungarian environment it will be easily understood why are those popular American texts related to a special time and place so admirable.

Based on this excellent idea a unique story of a washed-up rock star has been created with the songs of Lou Reed and Velvet Underground.