Oscar and near to Oscar

29 April 2018

Many Hungarian movie makers have been awarded with Academy Award over the past few decades, however, mainly as American immigrants and not in Hungary. Focusing on the professions of filmmaking separately, we can clearly say that Hungarian photographers achieved the greatest success. Six cinematographers have been awarded with ten Oscars (two of them have won three Oscars per person). We have an other record holder, the composer Miklós Rózsa, a winner of three Oscars. One of them he received for his musical work of movie Ben Hur.

Needless to say these people working in the background never had a limelight, despite their great achievements they made even in Hungary. Between 1995 and 2013 three Hungarian crews won Technical Achievement Award for innovating impressive visual implementations and creating a vision with higher aesthetic value.

Hungarian movie directors are more widely known today, although names of the older generation are beeing forgotten. Their movies fortunately live longer. The movie Casablanca awarded in 1944 is still as popular as ever. Though it is recorded by only a relatively few people that Casablanca had a director with Hungarian origin. His name is Mihály Kertész who had a great career under the name Michael Curtis. The fascinating movie, My Fair Lady had a large popularity in its time. For that film George Cukor, a child of Hungarian parents from New York won Academy Award in 1965.

The first Oscar statue arrived Hungary in 1981 as a reward of Ferenc Rófusz for an animation titled The Fly (A légy). In the next year István Szabó won Academy Award again for his Mephisto. Zsuzsa Böszörményi was awarded in 1991 for her thesis film Once Upon a Time (Egyszer volt, hol nem volt…) with the Students' Academy Award established in 1972.

In 2016 a string of Hungarian success began when László Nemes Jeles took home the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film with the movie Son of Saul (Saul fia). Two years later a short film of Kristóf Deák, Sing (Mindenki) was awarded in Los Angeles. In this decade works of Hungarian movie makers were selected and nominated for an Oscar in several times. Now we have a collection of their latest films.

11 May 2018, Csőke József Hall      

  • Ferenc Rófusz: The Fly (A légy) 1980 - Academy Award 1981 (animation)
  • Réka Bucsi: Love 2016 – Selected for Academy Award 2018 (animation)
  • Éva Katinka Bognár: Hugo Bumfeldt 2015 - Selected for Academy Award 2018 (animation)
  • Nadja Andrasev: The Noise of Licking (A nyalintás nesze) 2016 – Automatic Nomination (animation)
  • Hajni Kis: Beautiful Figure (Szép alak), 2016 – Nominated for Student Academy Award 2016 (short film)
  • Kristóf Deák: Sing (Mindenki) 2015 – Academy Award 2017 (short film)