Vili and Gábor

10 February 2017

There are probably only a selected few who are familiar with the fact that Vilmos Zsigmond directed a film called The Long Shadow. It was his only work as a director. The film was shot in 1991 in Hungarian /American /Israeli coproduction. The script was written by Hungarians János Edelényi and Pál Salamon, who have emigrated to Israel in 1976. The story is about an adult son trying to summon his dead father’s character, whom he has never met and who survived the concentration camps of the second World War. The director originally would have been Edelényi, but he was so engaged being the producer so he handed the job to Vilmos Zsigmond, who has chosen Gábor Szabó as his cinematographer. “There would not have been a lot of cinematographers who would respect the job so much that he could resist the urge to interfere and let me do my work so independently” – recalls their working together the head of the jury of the Zsigmond Vilmos Film Festival, who has won the Hungarian Film Critic’s Choice Award for his work as a cinematographer on the film A martfűi rém (Strangled). (The colour photo provided by Gábor Szabó was named as Vili+Gábor. Vilmos Zsigmond was only nicknamed Vili in his home country.)