Zsigmond Vilmos Award

5 April 2018

„Black and white is an obsession for me because of it’s abstract nature. To work with black and white is better than reality. It is a resource, light and shadow therein.”

(Vilmos Zsigmond )

As if the sculptor Lőrinc Popovics were a follower of the idea, he designed in this spirit his award piece for Zsigmond Vilmos Film Festival. His work of art embodies the incorporeal relation of darkness and light, the close interdependence of them and their constant, vivid interaction.

The noble simplicity of it’s form shows up artistic accomplishment: granite and glass create a simultaneous impression of massiveness and transparency, lightness and solidity.

The award piece gives the perception of endless cycle of light and shadow, inspiring a broad range of associations. It’s vertical glass strips evoke the vision of photoresist film, black and white composition of materials recalls memories from the early days of film history.

With all of it’s complex content the award piece of Zsigmond Vilmos Film Festival represents an equal, high value to the winner cameramen’s outstanding achievement.