Zsigmond Vilmos Film Festival

Venue: Belvárosi Cinema, Vilmos Zsigmond auditorium, Szeged, Hungary

Date: 10-13 May 2017

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Vilmos Zsigmond, the world-famous, Academy Award-winning cinematographer, was born in Szeged and was also named honorary citizen of the town. The largest auditorium with 540 seats in Belvárosi Cinema, which is one of the biggest, oldest and most beautiful cinemas in Hungary, was named after him in 2005, and he was very proud of it. He visited the cinema many times and brought international TV companies along to the place where he first met the wonderful world of movies.

Festival goals

The Zsigmond Vilmos Film Festival primarily aims at drawing attention to the work of cinematographers, one of the most important co-creators of a film, together with giving an opportunity to young artists to show their art. Hungarian cinematography has become world-famous in the past 50 years, and the members of the new generations, who both follow and renew the traditions, are no exception.

The festival also wishes to focus on Zsigmond Vilmos’s life and art and to show today’s cinematographers what he achieved. So every year we will also show a retrospective of his work, a selection of his films based on different criteria, as well as documentaries and interviews with and about him.

There will be further events accompanying the main programme, including workshops for professionals, open lectures given by members of HSC and ASC, Q&A’s with artists and film critics, discussions about education in film and cinematography, exhibitions and concerts.


The open call focuses on university students or creative communities with members majoring in film studies, directing or cinematography from Central Europe, also including recent graduates (within 5-10 years). We wish to create a platform for young artists to meet and share their experience on what education is available and how filmmaking is supported in their respective countries. The call will be published in the countries of the wider Central European region (the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Bulgaria) at every educational institution which offers studies in cinematography and film. New films, completed after 1 January 2014, and with unique vision and creative cinematography, which also characterised Zsigmond Vilmos’s work, can be submitted to the festival. There are no restrictions on theme, technical specifications, genre or length. One filmmaker can submit more than one film. The films will be grouped into different sections according to genre. There is no entry fee.

The call is open to feature films, short films, experimental films, documentaries and animation. The film format can be full HD, DCP, Blu-ray, DVD or H264, and the film has to be subtitled in English. We will not return the films we have received, they will be part of the festival archive.

We do not pay rental fee for the screening of the films.

The application deadline is 1 March 2017. Applications can be submitted on Belvárosi Cinema’s website www.belvarosimozi.hu, e-mail address zsigmondvilmosfeszt@gmail.com.

The film has to be received by the festival by 1 April 2017 the latest. Depending on the number of submissions, the films may be pre-selected by a jury of five.

The competition programme of the festival will be announced on 20 April.

There are various programs accompanying the 4 day long festival: next to round-table discussions with cinematographers and film critics we also screen retrospective series from the work of Vilmos Zsigmond focusing on different creative periods of his career.

We will provide accommodation and meals for filmmakers (1-2 people per film) whose films are selected to participate in the competition programme.

Evaluation 2017

After pre-selection, an international jury will choose the best films from the competition programme.

Members of the jury:

Gábor Szabó (HSC): Béla Balázs Award-winning cinematographer, university teacher, director of photography of The Long Shadow by Vilmos Zsigmond

Nigel Walters (BSC) cinematographer (British Society of Cinematographers) and IMAGO (European Federation of Cinematographers)

Pierre Filmon: French film director, director of "Close Encounters with Vilmos Zsigmond"

Mari Miklós: Béla Balázs Award-winning film editor, associate professor, editor of The Long Shadow by Vilmos Zsigmond

Dr Miklós Sághy: associate professor, film critic

Film Critics’ Jury  2017

György Báron film critic, university professor, President of the Hungarian Association of International Federation of Film Critics (FIPRESCI)

András Vágvölgyi film critic, journalist

Tímea Hungler film critic

The honorary patron of the festival is Susan Zsigmond.

Festival awards

Vilmos Zsigmond Award for Best Cinematography

Best Film (in different categories, depending on the number of entries)

Szeged City Award

Audience Award

The jury reserves the right not to present every award.

Total budget for the awards: 3 million HUF (approx. 9500 EUR)

Founder and organizer

Belvárosi Mozi (Szegedi Rendezvény- és Médiaközpont Nonprofit Kft.)