2017. April 21.
There were more than 300 applications received from 5 continents of the world, from which the pre-jury selected 33 films all together to compete in five categories.
2017. March 3.
The end result after the 1st of March midnight deadline surpassed our most optimistic expectations.
2017. February 12.
The number of applicants for the Zsigmond Vilmos Film Festival is overwhelming. Two weeks before the deadline there are more than 115 applications from all over the world, from 36…
2017. February 10.
There are probably only a selected few who are familiar with the fact that Vilmos Zsigmond directed a film called The Long Shadow. It was his only work as a director.
2017. February 8.
In Szeged, Hungary, the birthplace of Vilmos Zsigmond there is a new international film festival being launched named in honour of the world famous cinematographer.