Argentina, 2017, 14:22'
Director: Evangelina Montes, Director of Photography: Georgina Pretto

Premiere in Hungary

Adele, a solitary sixty-year-old woman, is the treasurer of a local club. Practically, she lives in the club spending her mornings and afternoons with her only friend Noemi. Christmas comes and with it, memories of teenage times and games. Both attempt to approach each other again.

Screenplay: Evangelina Montes

Music: Mario Milazzo, Tao Criollo Estudio

Editor: Emiliano Fardaus (SAE)

Cast: Pia Uribelarrea, Silvia Geijo

Producer: Evangelina Montes, Mariana Villalva, Daniela Rasckovsky

Distributor: Evangelina Montes