Hungary, 2016, 30'
Director of photography: Chilton Flóra


Director: Czakó Adorján,
Director of photography: Chilton Flóra,
Screenplay: Rengei Tímea ,
Music: Bükki Bence,
Sound: Bükki Bence,
Editor: Laboda Tímea,
Cast: Kocsis Kinga, Munkácsi Sándor, Munkácsi Balázs,
Producer: Budapesti Metropolitan Egyetem


‘Our movie is about a couple, raising their brain damaged child. Balu was two when he fell into a pond by accident, and her mother brought him back to life. The family’s life had radically changed since. Still, the parents look ahead, they build their future and try to give the best to their son. They stayed positive and constantly devise new plans. Right now they would like to build their own organic farm.’


9 May 18:00 • József Csőke Screen

Best Documentary - Special Mention