Hungary, 2020, 97'
Director: Buvári Tamás, Director of Photography: Tóth Zsolt

Premiere in Europe

Our film is about two dramatic days in the life of Magdalene. One sunny day in 1933 when she as a 12-year-old had a mysterious apparition about her fate and her last day which is about sacrifice and death. This last day happens at the end of World War II when the Russian Army arrives at the Lake Balaton region and she is killed by a Russian soldier. This film is a NO WAR PRODUCTION, hoping that the time will come when wars can be stopped all over the world. Today Magdalene Bódi’s beatification (trial) is under way at the Vatican.

Screenplay: Buvári Tamás

Music: Szirtes Edina Mókus

Editor: Vághy Anna

Cast: Nagy Katica, Buvári Villő, Turós-Máté Kinga, Hegyi Zoltán, Trokán Anna, Danis Lídia, Takáts Andrea, Buvári Lilla, Fehér László, Horváth Csaba, Fésős András, Máté P. Gábor

Producer: Turós-Máté Kinga, Hegyi Zoltán, Buvári Tamás, Grüll Péter

Distributor: Szeretfilm Stúdió Egyesület