Hungary, 2019, 52'
Director: Anna Kis, Director of Photography: Zágon Nagy

Cast: Árpádhalmi Réka, Bajuszné Ági, Bálint Annamária, Bujtás Melinda, Diószegi Sándor, Győrik Edit, Kántor Ivett, Kesztyűs Zoltán, Kohut Tamás, Kökény Viktor Mihály, Labos Edit, Marsi Klaudia, Nagy László, Oláh Cintia, Samu Annamária, Sherbán Milán, Szatmári Gyula, Szénási Norbert, Szűcs Albert István, Tóth Vivien, Varga Sándor

In spite of second chance and individual attention, something is missing from the school of hard-to-control youth. The strength given by sharing their similar life-experiences might greatly boost the students' chances of advancement. A noted trainer arrives to support the teachers in helping their students to learn, how to help both each other and themselves. We follow a heart-warming mutual learning process, in which the all-enthusiasm aunt Ági and the right out of a burnout syndrome uncle Sanyi undertake to lead the student-training. However, they are just as much on shaky ground as the students themselves.

Screening: 24 May, 2022, 5:10 p.m.
Balázs Béla Screen, Belvárosi Mozi
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