Valan: Valley of Angels

Valan: Valley of Angels

Hungary, 2019, 98'
Director: Bagota Béla, Director of Photography: Garas Dániel

Peter returns to Valan, his hometown in Transylvania, where a dead body is found in the snow-capped mountains and suspicion arises that it might be his sister, who has been missing for 22 years. The investigation leads him to a maze of grave sins of the present and the past, where he has to fight not only the local criminals but his own demons, too.

Screenplay: Bagota Béla

Music: Márkos Albert

Editor: Szalai Károly

Cast: Krisztik Csaba, Hatházi András, Pál Emőke, Tollas Gábor, Mátray László, Nyakó Júlia

Producer: Matrix Film Kft, Kántor László

Distributor: Mozinet Kft