2017. October 20.


The Zsigmond Vilmos International Film Festival focuses on drawing attention to the work of cinematographers, one of the most important co-creators of a film, together with giving an opportunity to young artists to show their art.

2017. June 14.
9-12 May 2018 Szeged
2017. May 13.
Zsigmond Vilmos Award  - BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY -  Giorgos Karvelas, DOP of Limbo (2016, Greece, France)
2017. May 13.
GALERY / Between screenings 1-8 / Gábor Szabó cinematographer, Mari Miklós editor talks to György Báron critic about Zsigmond Vilmos' The Long Shadow 9-12
2017. May 12.
GALERY / Q&A with the makers of The Man Who Was Thursday: Éva Ibos critic talks to Balázs Juszt director and Guy Livneh DOP / Open university with Nigel Walters BSC, led by…
2017. May 11.
GALERY / Festival opening / Wreathing ceremony at the birth house of Vilmos Zsigmond in Szeged / Vilmos Zsigmond's life and career- lecture of the Hungarian Hollywood Council