Balázs Béla Award-winning cinematographer, founder and board member of HSC. He photographed more than 30 feature films, documentaries and short films, including The Long Shadow, Vilmos Zsigmond’s only film as a director. His films received more than 50 awards at national and international festivals. In 2017, he was awarded Best Cinematographer three times for Strangled. He also teaches filmmaking. His indispensable A Film Book was newly published this year.

cinematographer HCA

He graduated at the University of Theatre and Film Arts in 2016, but he has been making movies since 2010. He was the co-cinematographer (with Mátyás Gyuricza) of Benedek Fliegauf's film Forest: I See You Everywhere, and photographed the film Wild Roots. Both films premiered in 2021 and were selected for the Berlinale. Wild Roots became a surprise hit of the year, gaining recognition from both the profession and the public. Several international festivals screened the film with success, while in Hungary it won the audience award at CineFest in Miskolc.


director, screenwriter

He graduated at the University of Theatre and Film Arts in 2005, and two years later he shot his first feature film. Both cinema audiences and film professionals loved The Investigator, which received three awards at the 39th Hungarian Film Week in 2008. Besides working as a film and theatre director, he co-directed the Hungarian version of the HBO series In Treatment, and in 2016 made the movie Well. After teaching film directing at the University of Theatre and Film Arts earlier, he teaches at the Freeszfe today.


French Claire Mathon graduated at the École nationale supérieure Louis-Lumière in 1998. She has photographed a number of short films and documentaries, as well as feature films with a unique feel. She was nominated for the César Award for best cinematography for the film Stranger at the Lake (2013). In 2019 she received the best cinematography award of The Los Angeles Film Critics Association for her work in Atlantics and in Portrait of a Lady on Fire, while the latter also won the César Award and the Lumières Award. On the Zsigmond Vilmos International Film Festival in 2021, she received the main prize, the Zsigmond Vilmos Award for Best Cinematography, for Portrait of a Lady on Fire. Her latest film Spencer premiered in 2021.


Béla Balázs Award-winning director. His first feature film Hukkle, shot in 2002, was invited to more than a hundred festivals and received several awards, including the Fassbinder Award of the European Film Academy. His next film, Taxidermia (2005) received six awards, including the main prize at the 37th Hungarian Film Week. Free Fall (2014) and His Master's Voice (2018) were similarly successful. He has received the Best Director Award at four international festivals (Karlovy Vary, Mexico City, Antalya, Cluj-Napoca). His unique montage film Final Cut: Ladies and Gentlemen was made in 2012. His latest movie Perpetuity premiered in cinemas in 2022.


She was born in Targu Mures (Romania) and graduated at the University of Arts there in 2000, then worked at the Tamási Áron Theater in Sfantu Gheorghe until 2003. Hungarian audiences first saw her in the film Sticky Matters in 2001, which she also co-wrote. She acted in numerous Hungarian films and TV series, including the movies Tamara, Bibliothèque