Submission Policy

1. General information

Feature films, short films (with no restrictions on genre or technical aspects but no more than 51 minutes in lenght) and documentaries completed after 1 January 2022 can be submitted to the festival. There is no restriction on the length and number of the films submitted, and one filmmaker or filmmaking community can submit more than one film. Each film has to be submitted on a separate application form.

2. Deadlines

Application deadline: 31 May 2024, midnight (CET)
The competition programme will be published on the 17 of June 2024
Date and venue of the festival: 8 – 12 October 2024, Belvárosi Cinema, Szeged, Hungary

3. Film submission, application form

From 2024 each and every submission is subject to a registration fee of 6350  HUF (~16 EUR depending on the current exchange conditions of your bank), irrespective of length or category, and can be payed here.

If you are registering in a taxpayer capacity from the European Community or from a third country, after registration please indicate this fact by sending an e-mail to zsigmondvilmosfeszt [at], indicating the 9-digit Bank Transaction ID and the following compulsory company details: Company Name, Address of the Registered Office, Community Tax Number/Tax Number. Thank you! We will send the corresponding invoice to the e-mail address provided.

Online application form 

E-mail address: zsigmondvilmosfeszt [at]

4. Information on film copies and screening

The festival pays no rental or screening fees.
Applicants whose films are selected to take part in the competition programme have to submit their films in DCP format with English subtitles. These DCPs have to be available until the end of the festival.
The festival reserves the right to publish a maximum 2-minute long part of the submitted films on its website for promotional and educational (non-commercial) purposes. The films selected for the competition programme may be screened at other Central European venues of the festival (2-4 venues), and the Belvárosi Cinema may screen the award-winning films on two further occasions after the festival.