Russia 2022, 93’
Be a premier in Hungary

Director: Alfiya Khabibullina
Director of Photography: Daniil Fomichev
Cast: Vladimir Sarapultsev, Danil Tyabin, Savely Suslov, Alexander Averin, Anastasia Tarasova, Apollinaria Kirilets, Anastasia Shestakova, Anna Matyushenskaya, Anna Troyanskaya, Anastasia Isaeva

Fifteen-year-old Ars, due to psychological characteristics, spent most of his life at home schooling. After moving with his mother to a small town, he decides to go to school. Ars has a difficult path of socialization and testing of his moral convictions. Thanks to his unusual behavior and versatile hobbies, the initial rejection from his classmates is replaced by interest and sympathy. Only one guy nicknamed Sissy hates Ars more and more, wanting to harm him in every possible way.

Screening time: 26/10 Thursday 4:40 pm


Best Feature